Step 19: Utilities

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Step 19: Hooking Up Utilities

Ensuring that your electricity, water, gas, and other essential services are up and running when you move in is crucial for a seamless transition. 

The first step in setting up your utilities is to contact the relevant service providers. You will typically need to arrange for the following services:

Contact your local electricity provider to set up an account in your name. Provide them with your new address and any necessary identification documents.

Usually online:  Electric:  Eversource or National Grid - service is based on town and location.


National Grid:


Part of the closing on your new house in MA - the seller gets a Final water and sewer reading.  At the time appointment is scheduled, the town will record the new owners (buyers) and next billing cycle the new owners will receive bills for water and sewer.  So, they buyers dont need to worry about this part.

If your new home uses natural gas, reach out to the local gas company to establish service. Ensure you have your address and any required identification on hand.


National Grid:

Internet and Cable
If you require internet and cable services, get in touch with providers in your area to schedule installation. Research available packages to choose the one that suits your needs.

Mail:  change your address to your new home

Schedule Installations
Once you confirm the closing date and time (you received Clear To Close from mortgage company) - schedule your utilities.

Consider setting up automatic payments for your utility bills to avoid late fees and ensure uninterrupted service.