Step 24: The Walk Through

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What is a Walk-Through?

A home walk-through is the final inspection of the property before closing the deal. It's your opportunity to ensure that the property's condition aligns with your expectations, as outlined in the purchase agreement.

Why is it Crucial?
The walk-through is crucial because it allows you to identify any issues or discrepancies in the property's condition and address them before finalizing the purchase. It helps you avoid surprises and costly repairs after you've moved in.

Preparing for the Walk-Through
Review the Purchase Agreement
Before attending the walk-through, review the purchase agreement thoroughly. This document will outline what should be included in the sale, ensuring that you can check for completeness during the walk-through.

Create a Checklist
Create a detailed checklist of what you want to inspect during the walk-through. Include items such as appliances, fixtures, structural elements, and any repairs or changes that were agreed upon.

Final Walk Through List

Conducting the Walk-Through
Bring Essential Tools
Come prepared with essential tools such as a flashlight, camera, notepad, and a copy of the purchase agreement. These tools will help you document any issues accurately.

Inspect Each Area
Systematically inspect each area of the property. Pay close attention to the following:

Interior: Check for any signs of damage, leaks, or electrical issues. 
Exterior: Inspect the exterior of the house, including the roof, siding, and foundation. Look for any visible damage or structural concerns.
Landscaping: Evaluate the condition of the yard, garden, and any outdoor amenities.
Document Everything
As you go through the property, document any issues or discrepancies you find. Take clear photos and make detailed notes. This documentation will be essential for addressing concerns with the seller.

Communicating with the Seller
Raise Concerns Promptly
If you discover any issues during the walk-through, don't hesitate to communicate them with the seller or their agent. Timely communication is key to resolving any potential problems.

Negotiate Repairs or Credits
Depending on the issues found, you may need to negotiate repairs or credits with the seller. Our team can assist you in this process to ensure a fair resolution.

Finalizing the Walk-Through
Confirm Remediation
Before closing the deal, confirm that any agreed-upon repairs or changes have been completed to your satisfaction. This step ensures that you are getting the home you envisioned.

Complete the Walk-Through Checklist
Once you are satisfied with the property's condition, complete your walk-through checklist and retain a copy for your records.